Discover Your Top 3 Motivators and Get Motivated!

Motivational Mapping is a new and exciting tool that assesses you on what is motivating to them and how motivated they are in a clear and easy to understand report that reveals your key motivators and their current level of motivation.  Each report provides actionable advice on how to increase motivation where it matters. 

Easy. Accurate. Useful.  Starting with a straightforward questionnaire, individuals can complete their assessment in minutes.  92% of Map users found it easy to complete. 95% of Map users said their Motivational Map accurately described their personal motivators, and 97% found the information in their personalized report useful.


Below is information on Individual Motivational Mapping, but do you have a team you would like to assess?
Check out our Team Motivational Mapping page.

Here is what people are saying:

“I have stepped out of my shell so far that I can’t believe what I am doing with my life. Before I was a person who spent most of my time in my armchair watching TV. Since meeting Christopher, I am now enjoying the gym 5 days a week, and getting out more and enjoying life. I decided a little while ago that I wasn’t as happy in my work life as I thought I could have been. We worked on what motivated me to go to work so that I could come home with some energy left over. Since working with this, I have changed jobs (which Christopher helped immensely with helping me prepared for). He has helped me so much with my physical and mental health.”

-Jenn K; Assistant Property Manager


“Christopher truly does bring out the best in everyone he encounters.  He helped me take the next steps to starting my Administrative Services business.  I couldn’t be more excited to be on my way to entrepreneurial freedom!”

– Emma F; Peak Administrative Services


“My coaching experience with Christopher has been outstanding. During this process I learned to hear and honour my own voice. I have started to speak my truth and as a result I have now found a career that allows me to live my best life. Christopher’s holistic approach ensures that all areas of life are improved upon, leading to an enhanced existence in every possible way.” 

– Jamie W; Corporate Trainer