Get Motivated to Achieve Your Goals

Christopher is skilled in helping clients increase motivation, achieve even more of their goals and dreams, stay compliant to routines or regimens they want to be held accountable to, overcome any and every obstacles that gets in the way of clients achieving their goals! Christopher takes an approach that is most suited to the clients needs.  He is results focused, driven and lives to see his client’s succeed!


Motivational Mapping

Christopher uses a tool called Motivational Mapping which will help you Discover Your Top 3 Motivators!

While Christopher is a whole-life coach – meaning he can help you obtain results in any area of your life – he has a strong focus on career discovery, growth, satisfaction, and fulfillment. His non-traditional approach to career discovery ensures that his clients lead a fulfilling life.  Christopher says, “We spend the best part of our day at work, often the best part of our lives – the time of our life when we have the most ability to make decisions – so you better love what you do!”

Because of his practical experiences, Christopher is able to support individuals as they transition into new and wonderful (sometimes scary and risky) changes in their lives, Christopher is able to draw you, the client, out of your head and into a space that allows you to connect to the inner dialogue, clear away the distortions in your thinking, and help you to hear the inner you that already knows how to achieve your best life. He empowers you with focus, insight and accountability to achieve the consistent results you desire.

All of these things tie up into a nice package that looks at your whole-life by starting at the core of who you are to ensure that all of the pieces are working together.

"Christopher truly does bring out the best in everyone he encounters. He helped me take the next steps to starting my Administrative Services business. I couldn’t be more excited to be on my way to entrepreneurial freedom!"

– Emma F.