Don’t Fake It Till You Make It: That’s Garbage Advice

Approximate Reading Time: 4.5 minutes Word Count: 1191 words You might be thinking, what does he mean? Why would I want to act like I don’t know what I’m doing? The adage ‘fake it till you make it’ is everywhere. A quick internet search pulls up numerous TED talks, business speeches, and articles from reputable media outlets, all advocating the benefits. It’s no wonder that many of us think acting in this way will help … Read more

The Power of ‘Yes’ versus ‘Yeah

Word Count: 1009 Reading Time: Approximately 4 minutes Shrug off the yeahs – there are not sincere. This is your world. In your world, there is only yes! Jolene Stockman Ummm… but they mean the same thing, don’t they? Well, I thought so – until I noticed that saying ‘Yes’’ received better results than saying ‘Yeah.’ It’s easy to believe that ‘yes’ and ‘yeah’ imply the same thing; it’s simply not true. But this actualization didn’t … Read more