[VIDEO] Do You Need This Candidate – Highly Skilled Professional Admin

Please check out this candidate profile. Karmal is a highly skilled professional Administrator and Executive Assistant. You can read the transcript below as well.


Karmal – I think for me is I enjoy the research and the analytical background stuff.

Christopher – So Karmal, what is your chosen profession?

Karmal – So my last career was an executive assistant, so I’m very versed in administrative side of things, and the computer side of things, and I’m looking to move into more of an analyst and that sort of position from where I was before.

Christopher – What’s interesting actually and I can say this much easier than you can is it’s much easier to brag about your friends skills than your own. When Karmal and I went to college together, Karmal had a 4.0 meaning that every single class that we had she got an A in. And what’s really incredible about this is the college that we went to at the time, they were an accredited college. They offered credits but they didn’t have credit alignment. So what that means is that in universities and colleges each course is three credits, that’s what you get, right?

Karmal – Yep.

Christopher – But at our college … So Karmal and I went to SAIT and we went to a very intense program. People underestimate the value of a good admin. And we went to SAIT and our semesters, there were 110 of us that were in the program in four different groups. There were four groups but there were 110 of us in the program and only 35 of us graduated. And those of us that have graduated have done really well. Now Karmal’s in a position in a tough economy so we’re looking to help Karmal get employed here. But in that program, our lightest semester, our semesters were standard four month semester, our lightest semester we had seven classes and our heaviest semester we had nine classes. And through all of that, Karmal maintained a 4.0 GPA. You’re also Microsoft certified.

Karmal – Yep.

Christopher – She has Microsoft certifications. Karmal, for anybody who might be looking for somebody for an administrative position, a senior admin, an executive admin, or a technical kind of admin like a coordinator, you also have some experience with safety administration and coordination as well

Karmal – Yep.

Christopher – and you’ve got some experience with the administrative side of what I would say business analysis and that kind of thing.

Karmal – Yep.

Christopher – So I’m curious Karmal, for somebody who might be interested in connecting with you what is something that they absolutely need to know about you and your skill set? And I know that I’ve given a lot away so.

Karmal – I think for me is I enjoy the research and the analytical background stuff so I am always well prepared doing any sort of preparing for meetings, or doing calendars and that kinda thing I’m always very well prepared.

Christopher – And actually you’ve done some project management too.

Karmal – I have.

Christopher – Again on the office management side so Karmal, in addition to office moves and administrative types of projects you’ve worked with a company that did a lot of training and they had big influxes of training at certain times. You’ve managed projects like that but you’ve even managed a kitchen renovation and we’re not talking in her home, we’re talking in office—

Karmal – In the office.

Christopher – Kitchen renovation and that kinda thing. So you know you’re a very
highly skilled person and in my opinion Karmal, you’re one of the best kept secrets in town. If I wanted, would you allow me to post your resume or portions of your resume with this video blog?

Karmal – Of course, yep.

Christopher – If you’re somebody who believes that you need Karmal in your organization, we are in Calgary, Alberta and Karmal is available for full time employment right now in her career.

Karmal – I am.

Christopher – So thank you very much folks.

Karmal – Thank you.

Christopher – Bye.

Karmal – Bye.


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