PODCAST: WAKE UP! Listen! Redefine Success Then Find It – The Curious Monki Podcast

Check out the interview I had with Veronica Thai with the Curious Monki Podcast.           The Interview Transcription Veronica: Hi everybody thank you so much for tuning in. Before we start todays episode I wanted to drop a message and let you know that Christopher Lawrence, does provide us with a promo code for free life coaching session with him, near the end of the episode. I wanted to give you a … Read more

Remember Your Future, Not Your Past

Dr. Patrick Gentempo sends out an email once a week called “Flash Friday’s”. These usually have a thought provoking quote written by him.  Here is one of his Flash Friday’s that really impacted me: Achievement as a byproduct of a specific purpose, requires a vivid memory… not of the past, but who you are in the image of a future you choose to create. If you can clearly remember who you are in that future, … Read more