You Are Being Manipulated: Tony Robbins and Other ‘Information Sellers’

Let me start by saying I have a tremendous amount of respect for Tony Robbins and other Information Sellers. I believe that much of what they do can work, if it is applied correctly over a sustained period of time. In fact, I have purchased three Information Sellers products and seen value in them. So this article is intended to be a “Buyer be ware” and keep your emotions in check! Information Seller: A professional … Read more

The New Currency for Millennials

Millennials are a generation influenced by Reality TV, ad YouTube stars. They are used to seeing fame and purpose come in short periods of time. What is a Millennial? I suspect you know this by now; however, an article written by Dr. Jill Novak, University of Phoenix, Texas A&M University has a good description of them on her article called The Six Living Generations in America (as well as good descriptions of the other generations). This … Read more