The Most Fatal Month in the Year: Leaving a Legacy of Meaning

This is the time of year when we lose so many that we love. For some reason, so many people die between December and March, with most deaths being in January. It is astounding to me, when I look at my past, how many people I know who have passed away in the month of January. Because of this, during this time of year, I begin to contemplate my own mortality. Looking at the end of … Read more

Today Is The WORST Day for New Years Goals

Did you know that today is the worst possible day for your New Years Goals? Let me tell you why… but first, some interesting stats: Top 11 New Years Goals According to Statistic Brain, here are the Top 11 New Years Resolutions (as researched on January 1, 2017) Look at #1… did you know that according to anecdotal research, today, the second Thursday in February, is one of the best days for fast food restaurant … Read more