Business Owners: Being a Weed Instead of Flower

Flowers are beautiful! I love flowers, in fact we have flowers in our house probably once a month on average we love them so much. And in the summer, I have a flower bed in my front yard that I like to fill with all sorts of bright and rare coloured petals. When I was weeding my flower bed this summer I had the thought about how I wished that the weeds would stop coming … Read more

Avoid the Pitfalls of “THIS” Interview Question

“So, tell me about yourself?” This question may seem unimportant. So many people pass over it without much thought or they start to talk about where they are from and what they currently or most recently did for work. However, you could be missing a really important opportunity. Suzy Welch, CNBC Contributor and best selling author, recently published a video on how to answer that pesky question, “Tell me about yourself” during the job interview … Read more