Sky’s The Limit Radio Interview: Find Your Dream Job Now [Podcast]

This is a Podcast with our coach Christopher Lawrence and Sky’s the Limit Radio. The transcript is below should you wish to read the content instead.         Transcript Your Dream Job Welcome to sky is the limit your inspiration station with coaches Wendy Christa and Jermaine, our goal is to search out and share with you the latest news about how to become and stay empowered to make the most transformative lifestyle … Read more

Your Perception is Not Reality!

We have often heard the phrase “perception is reality”.  None of us see the world as it actually is. No. In fact, we see the world as we actually are. We are full of our own biases and, quite frankly, sometimes we get stuck in those biases believing that they are absolute truth.  There is an incredible book called “The Undoing Project” by Michale Lewis that talks about a friendship between two men, two psychologists, … Read more