Corporate Culture: Mongrel or Deliberate Approach?

Written by Catherine Munro & Christopher Lawrence   What is the point of a Corporate Culture? Actually, this is almost a rhetorical question because corporate culture exists all the time. The question should be “What is the point of being deliberate about your Corporate Culture?” The point is this… all companies have a culture. The more deliberate they can be about that culture the more likely they can increase the execution of company values, the … Read more

How I Help Series Part 1 of 3: Laid Off or Hate Your Job?

Please listen to the recording or read the transcription.   TRANSCRIPT: How do I help someone who gets laid off or hates their line of work? Hello my name is Christopher Lawrence. I’m a career and Whole Life Coach with Change My Life Coaching. I’m going to give you one example of a client who actually meets both of these situations. Kim came to me in her early 20’s, she was in her first career … Read more