Resumes, Extinct?

Could the traditional resume be dead? That day may be fast approaching. Day after day with my clients, I consistently approach the resume as a minimum standard requirement for the job search. While at the same time, the resume is becoming less and less useful when you are applying against 100 to 400 candidates. Recently, Allison Swelin posted an article on LinkedIn called R.I.P. Resume’s where she said that it’s time for resume’s to go the … Read more

Conducting the Most Effective Informational Interviews

So, you have no idea what you want to do and you are a hands on person! Why not consider doing an informational interview. What is an informational interview? An informational interview gives you the opportunity to talk to people who already work in a job or industry that you are interested in exploring. Literally, this is you, the job-searcher going out and learning about a day in the life of any particular job. Why … Read more

VIDEO: Sensitivity Is Your Superpower

“You’re too sensitive” is a phrase I heard all too often in my corporate career. And Mayim Bialik’s first comment in this video about the paperclips brought a tear to my eye. I am totally that guy. I buy coloured paperclips, they are metallic coloured paperclips, and sometimes I think about how sad I am to see them go because they feel like me. They are me. When I left the corporate world to start … Read more